What To Wear

Unveil your mask in the most extravagant competition of the year!

This evening is full of fantasy, mystery and magic. An elegant evening requires formal attire and a mask! For men this means tuxedos or suits and for women this means dresses or gowns. No jeans, sneakers or T-shirts Please.

At this masquerade affair , unlike your common costume party, full costume is not necessary and gruesome or scary costumes would not be appropriate. Guests may feel free to wear wigs, hats or perhaps some makeup appropriate for a formal setting that compliments their attire.

Keep in mind that Masks serve the purpose to conceal the mask wearer’s identity to add to a mystical evening. The Mask can be small and only cover the eyes to large masks that can also be oversized with various extensions. Intrigue, adventure and mystery is the theme for this Halloween ball so add your creativity with color, glitter, gems or feathers and get ready for the hottest Atlanta Halloween PARTY of the year!

All couples will be entered into the best couple mask for the Atlanta Halloween Ball 2010 to win a Free Cruise!

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